"Crispy Dog combines professionalism, technical skills and creativity all behind a cheeky grin to ensure that your ideas are not just well represented, but given a life of their own."

What We Do

Corporate Film

Who said corporate videos have to be boring? Here at Crispy Dog we specialise in producing media that tells your story with a sprinkling of imagination and a dash of fun for your brand.


Your event doesn't have to end with the clearing up. Capture it on video and let the best moments live on in a way that can attract an even greater audience. Make the most of every occasion with Crispy Dog.


Everyone loves a good viral. We work with professional screenwriters who can create something fun for your brand and give it the potential to spread like a baby panda's sneeze.


We love animation. It can bring a fresh, fun and imaginative dimension to even the most mundane topic. So don't be bound up in reality all the time, let your story take on a new form and tell itself.


We realise how increasingly important video is to sell your products online as people want more than just pictures. We can offer simple, cost effective ways to shoot your products in volume whilst keeping that creative edge to wow your clients.


With over 15 years experience in fashion and advertising photography, we can offer bespoke packages of photography and video, killing two birds with one stone. Or if you only need photos that's cool too. Click here to view our portfolio.

"Crispy Dog listened to what we wanted and then came back with a list of great ideas to tell our story, any of them would have been good but the one we went with was exceptional."

Recent Work



LaRedoute organised a fashion shoot to celebrate their 18th birthday and showcase their latest collection. We were invited along to film it and create a behind the scenes video for their latest online marketing campaign. Check out all the party antics.



Marks & Spencer commissioned us to produce a series of online adverts for M&S Money to promote and drive traffic to their website. But it costs nothing to watch so click here.



Adidas asked us to do some funky stop animation for their in-store displays at Schuh high street stores and help promote their new Ciero trainer collection. See the funky skateboard action here.



This is our short film entry into this year's festival competition. It's about loss and moving forward in life but with a sprinkling of comedy. Grab your popcorn and take a look!



Events and promotions agency Messages PR launched their annual Modelsearch competition in Cambridge so we went along to capture the action. Have a look at this season's new trends.



Leading Christmas brand Premier Decorations, asked us to document their annual exhibition at the UK's biggest Christmas trade fair in Harrogate. Click to view the seasonal magic.

"Behind the silly name I found only bright ideas, technical skills and a highly professional manner. I now have video on my site that does far more for my brand than I ever realised it could."


"Yes, I would recommend Crispy Dog, but only quietly as I don't want them to be too busy for when I need them next. This isn't going on the website is it?"

About Us

We know what you're probably thinking; why would anyone call their video production company Crispy Dog Productions? Too much time in Korean restaurants? A traumatic experience with a barbecue? Left a Snoopy T-shirt in the tumble drier for too long? Thankfully not. Here's why...

At Crispy Dog Productions we are fundamentally storytellers and believe that even the most straightforward company or business has a unique story to tell. Stories hook us in with questions and then engage us with the answers, and it is through telling your story that you can best get your message out there, attract interest in your business and become a memorable brand. That's the Crispy Dog ethos and every time someone asks us why the dog is crispy, we know that our approach works.

With over fifteen years experience in video and photography across fashion and advertising, Crispy Dog Productions has worked with all sizes of brands, both in the UK, and overseas. So whether you are a business mogul like Alan Sugar, a small hairdressers in Cleethorpes or a women's hockey coach from Windsor, don't make a standard boring business video, Crispy Dog it.

No animals were harmed in the making of Crispy Dog Productions. We promise.


"Crispy Dog took our project, made it bigger, bolder, brighter, filled it with helium and let it soar."